We offer kids, teen, and adult classes. We recommend coming twice a week to get the most out of our system. Guests are always welcome to come in and watch a class to see if it is something they would be interested in. Not sure? Try a class free of charge or try signing up for once a week for one month. We are so confident that you will have fun and learn something that there are no contracts!

Youth Classes

The kids class promotes fitness, focus, discipline, self-defense and well-being. No parent brings their child in to learn to fight. Kids learn respect and self-discipline to know when to use what they learn and safe behaviors to avoid situations in which they might have to use their self-defense. Focus and listening skills are improved and tested, while hand-eye coordination is practiced.

Toddler Karate

The toddler karate is a great way to socialize younger children while giving them a fun environment to work coordination, balance, and exercise. Toddler karate classes are done with a parent to ensure the most out of class! A great class for ages two through five.

Teen Karate

The teen program introduces teen age students to self-defense techniques and pressure points with study guides and homework, all while working the traditional kata and sparring activities. This class works study habits with the introduction of anatomy and physiology in a fun and age appropriate way. This class is also for Jr Black Belts from the youth program as well.

Adult Class

The adult class focuses on self defense from Ryukyu Kempo and Small Circle Jujitsu. It is effective and simple so anyone can learn it. It utilizes body mechanics, nerve manipulation and positioning to ensure an individual any size can be effective in self defense against a larger opponent. This class will be hands on in a relaxed and fun environment.

Weapons Class

Weapons classes are now offered at Ryukyu Academy. The acient kobudo weapons of bo, nunchuku and sai are just some of the weapons that can be learned in our weapons class. Coordination and focus are really brought into high gear as students learn basics and kata for each weapon. Padded sword fighting and strength training are a part of regular class as well.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are available on the weekends for Ryukyu Academy & The Edge Fitness Center! Parties get to use the bouncy boxing ring, break boards, and learn the basics of karate as well as get to use the rock wall of the fitness center and fun fitness activities as well. You do not have to be a student of Ryukyu Academy or The Edge Fitness Center to be able to do a birthday. For our birthday party flier click here or to reserve your party give us a call!

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